The lives he lived

His lives, 1 Once he was a kid, shy, smart, and free from worries, with wild imagination, he liked to play board games, soccer, hide and seek and all shorts of things kids like to do. He would play with his toys, create worlds and stories. He would go to bed before he feels he wants to sleepy because he liked to dream awake, more worlds, more stories. He was a super hero, a scientist, an athlete. He would always get the girl in the end. He was a teenager, discovering his body, studying hard, and dreaming for a better world. He would fall in love with a classmate. He would be too shy to talk to her, or anyone else about his feelings. He would work in the farm and help with family struggles. He would love animals, watch documentaries, animations and action movies. He was inspired by smart people making the world a better place.  He was a university student. He is ready to change the world. He falls in love, he gets crashed, he falls in love again, he gets the girl. He lives for her, he l

The boy who lived

The boy who lived, 1 He was a little boy, he grew up feeling alone, in a family of six. His father was a drunk and his mother a fighter. He would hide in his mind, dreaming, creating worlds and stories. He would play alone, creating universes to escape. He would never invite a friend home after a few embarrassing occasions. His mother was a provider. She would work like a man in the farm. She would bring food on the table for him. She would be the light in a dark life. His father was a drunk. The boy has only a couple of memories of him being normal. He would embarrass the boy. Ask him to bring beers. He would be there, but not really, closed in his room, only asking for alcohol. The little boy was shy, had a brave mother and a broken father. He lived in his mind.