The boy who lived

The boy who lived, 1

He was a little boy,
he grew up feeling alone, in a family of six.
His father was a drunk and his mother a fighter.
He would hide in his mind, dreaming, creating worlds and stories.
He would play alone, creating universes to escape.
He would never invite a friend home after a few embarrassing occasions.

His mother was a provider.
She would work like a man in the farm.
She would bring food on the table for him.
She would be the light in a dark life.

His father was a drunk.
The boy has only a couple of memories of him being normal.
He would embarrass the boy. Ask him to bring beers.
He would be there, but not really, closed in his room, only asking for alcohol.

The little boy was shy, had a brave mother and a broken father.
He lived in his mind.

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